Dance With Me, Baby – a mother/son dance wedding song


Dance With Me, Baby is THE perfect song for the mother/son dance at a wedding reception.



A strong mother/son bond is more precious than gold. I wrote this song to make sure we had the perfect song for the mother-son dance at my sons’ weddings. I decided to share this song with all the mommas out there so that you might experience those precious 3 1/2 minutes of remembering and sweet embrace at your son’s wedding, too.

When you purchase the song there is a short and easy to read Copyright Release and we ask that you read it as well as encourage your DJ to to do the same. The basic rights you are purchasing is the right to use the song Dance With Me, Baby for one wedding. You are permitted to share a copy of the song with the bride and groom and with the DJ or Sound Engineer at the wedding. You can use up to 30 seconds of the song’s high-quality audio in a video clip on social media. Longer clips are allowed to be shared on social media of the actual dance when recorded on a smart phone where the audio is not good enough quality for someone to steal the song for their own use.

I am an independent artist/songwriter. Everyone is entitled to compensation for their original art/music/services in order for them to be able to earn a living and continue creating. Please honor that.

Dance With Me, Baby
by Toni Becker

Come over here and take my hand
Let me take a long, long look at you
Let me breathe in all I can
Let the memories pour like sand
It’s just me and you

Time flies, now here you stand
Looking at you takes my breath away
From the moment your life began
To this strong and handsome man
On your wedding day

Dance with me, baby
Let me hold you in these arms
That used to pick you up
And dust you off
And hide you from the storm
This letting go is beautiful
And bittersweet
Dance with me, baby

Of all the dreams I dreamed for you
Of all my whispered prayers
You have found a love that’s true
A precious heart to give yours to
A whole life to share

I love the way you look at her
And the way she looks at you
Take good care of each other
Cling to God and one another
And you’ll make it through


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