Frequently Asked Questions

Song Info

Can I burn the song to a CD or DVD?

Sure, the song is for you to enjoy. You can carry it on your phone, burn it to a cd, save it to a thumb-drive or save to your Dropbox or Google Drive. The copyright restriction is to protect my song from getting out in the public domain. So you can listen to the song all day long, every day – but you can only play the song for a crowd of people (meaning 20 or more) on the wedding day.

How can I hear the entire song?

I am sorry that you can’t hear the entire song, but that is the only way I can protect myself from pirated versions of my song. We provide the lyrics along with major portions of the song but there is no way to hear the entire song without making the purchase.

How do I get this song to my DJ?

The easiest way to get the song to your DJ is to forward your email with the link to the song. This will allow them to download the song and have it ready for that special day.

You can also download the song to a thumb drive and give it to the DJ on the day of the wedding. We suggest you get a thumb drive that has both the new USB-C and USB-A (the original plug). Here’s one on Amazon.

If you want to make absolutely sure your DJ has the song, you can do both!

Can I have my wedding band perform the song?

Yes, when you order the song, one of the things we provide is a Lyric & Guitar Chord Chart. This will work for any sing/songwriter who needs to play the song. We also provide an actual Chord Chart for your wedding band to use.

However, we do not provide sheet music for a pianist to play other than the chord chart.

Can Toni sing the song at the Wedding Reception?

If you want your Mother-Son dance wedding song to be even more special, Toni will come and perform “Dance With Me, Baby” live and have one more way to make this a special moment.

Here’s a link to read about and start the process:

Have Toni Sing “Dance With Me, Baby” at the Wedding Reception

Ordering Info

What if my download link expires? Does my song expire?

No, once you download the song it will not expire or self-delete. It can be played forever. The link to download is what expires and if that happens and you need to download it again, just email me at and I’ll extend the expiration date.

Can I make a video using this song?

Sure, but not the entire song. We love seeing clips of your special dance online, but we also have to protect the song from being out in the public domain. As stated in our copyright notice:

If using the song in a video of your wedding event, you are allowed to use no more than 30 seconds of the recorded material. If you wish to use more than 30 seconds of the song, please contact me to obtain a sync license.

We understand the friends may record a video on their phone during the dance and post that to social media. That is not a violation of the copyright because the sound quality will prevent it from being used at another wedding.

How do I download the song after my purchase?

Once the order is completed, you’ll receive an email with links to download the song, the copyright information, and the lyrics and chord chart to the song.

Here is more information on how to download our MP3 file and listen.

Can I see the copyright notice before ordering?

Sure, we’ve tried to make Copyright Notice simple to read and as short as possible. View Here